Today, December 2, is the feast of St. Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia whom I can quite honestly say I love. Although I never met him during his lifetime, when I read his words, I immediately feel close to his heart. Perhaps it is because we are both in love with the same One.

Although I am late in doing so, I wanted to post a little something in praise of the One we love for his feast day. Because he famously penned the words, “Whoever wants to become a Christian must first become a poet”, I could not help but ask God if I might have a little poem for the occasion.

Until just now, as I was about to post the poem, I had not remembered exactly these words that follow the well-known quote: “That’s what it is! You must suffer. You must love and suffer – suffer for the one you love. Love makes effort for the loved one.” (p. 107) And so it is…

(now for the poem God provided:)



stab of sorrow,

pounding nails,

o heart of mercy –

i will never be the same.

i never want to be the same –

only to bleed love

for the wounds

that are your anguish.

“take me,

take me –

i cannot remain outside!”

the pain is all i have

to give, o heart,

and so i give,

i give –

i give it all

(until i am no more)

o mercy,

my endless mercy,

lost in your love.


I have also recorded for you a brief excerpt from the writings of St. Porphyrios, as found in the book, Wounded by Love, pp. 126-127.



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