Monthly Archives: December 2018

Mother and Child

Once again, God has blessed me profoundly, more than I could ever dare ask for. Not only has He allowed me to render an image of Christ our Savior and His holy Mother, but He invites me more and more deeply into the truth which it represents.

The Theotokos of Vladimir was my first attempt at iconography. I knew that I was unworthy.  I knew that I was using nontraditional materials (pastels). But I prepared with reading and prayer and sacrament. Such a holy task cannot be undertaken without the help of God – and the holy Virgin herself.

I asked permission, reminding God that He knew how to stop me if I was not to do this. He could make me lose interest. (He did not.)

He could make it turn out so badly that it would be obvious to me that this was not His will. (He did not do this either but rather gave me great help.)

The process was prayerful, gazing on the image, entering the image and allowing Mother and Child to enter me.

Today, as Christ is born anew in my heart, I share with you what I was given.

A blessed Christmas to all!

All praise to Him, Father, Son and Spirit, now and always. Blessed be His holy Mother, our Mother now, and all the angels and saints. Alleluia!


(My “Christmas card” this year is a small laminated print of this image. You are welcome to download the image for your personal use or I will gladly send a copy to anyone requesting one. Just email me at marykbenton(at)outlook(dot)com, using the customary symbols in the email address.)