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There is no God, you say?

Believing in God is going out of style these days. This trend is nothing terribly new, I imagine. It’s just that people now feel free to be more open about their doubts.

After all, we are a modern, scientific people. There is so much that we know, that we can study and prove.

This business about God was likely made up by primitive people to explain things that they didn’t understand. We don’t need to do that. We can’t explain everything – yet. But eventually, given enough time, we’ll figure it out.

Besides, God was just invented to justify religion. And we know that religion was invented to control people.

I mean, it’s all right if God is your thing. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But that’s all it is – an opinion. You have yours and I have mine. Quit trying to control me and I won’t try to control you. Everyone will get along fine and there will be no reason to fight wars.

That’s another thing God and religion are good for – justifying wars. Quit trying to control others with your “god” and soon we will have peace.

Speaking of peace, I know a lot of people get all emotional when they see a sunset or a rainbow and mistake this sentimentality for proof that God exists. But now that we know what causes all these colors, we don’t need to invent God.

Go ahead, enjoy the pretty colors. But remember – that’s all it is. Pretty colors and stuff. When it’s over, it’s over. No need for fancy explanations as to why we’re here.

A few billion years and some natural selection. Poof! We’re here.

And then we’re not. It is what it is.

No big deal.

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