Monthly Archives: March 2022

Poem unfinished…

Before it is April, National Poetry Month in the United States, a poem awaits completion, hoping that this year perhaps it will be finished.

It began writing itself two years ago as the pandemic took hold and changed our lives. The lives of the growing things around us continued as usual. But did the change in our world go unnoticed by them?

I still cannot hear the words that draw this bit of verse to a close. Perhaps I never will. But in anticipation of National Poetry Month, I invite you to listen and see if you hear them, the words that give answer to the question. (Please share in the comments if any more verses make themselves known.)

no one told the tulips

nor did the daffodils know

that as they dreamed

their dormant dreams

 distance had started to grow.

their curious buds came poking

through blankets of mud and snow,

chanting together

their chorus of color

yet finding the world in woe.

Alas, our world is still in woe. May God bless us and world leaders with wisdom, compassion, and a genuine desire for peace.