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This blog is intended to be a place to share whatever God gives me to share, whether the written word, photographic images or a bit of art. God is enormously generous and I am very small and weak, so I do not know what will come of it all.

I ask Him to lead – and to give me the grace to follow. I do not pretend to be at the level of St. Porphyrios. I am, unfortunately, afflicted with a “will of my own”. But I hope that God might bless me that I might learn to live otherwise, to listen more to Him and less to myself.

For now, I have decided to enable comments, not knowing if anyone will read or feel called to comment. It does not matter to me if there is no commentary as it is not my goal to begin discussion. But neither do I want to inhibit others who may be moved to say something of greater merit than me regarding the topic at hand.

As a point of reference, if I refer to “the Church”, I am referring to Body of Christ, the community of faithful on Earth. I am not distinguishing between Catholic or Orthodox (or any other “denomination”). God knows who His Church is, even if we human beings are rather confused on the matter.


2 thoughts on “About blog

  1. mary Post author

    Thanks, Al. So nice to have a shot of hope in these butterfly-scarce times! Nice to find another good blog as well.

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