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I’m not sure why…

Sometimes I’m not sure why I do the things I do – or why God permits me to do them.

I don’t know if I’m being obedient and allowing myself to be led by Him. Or if the corrupt desires of my ego have taken over and led me from His path.

Strange that it should be so hard to tell. One might think that after 5-6 decades in the Christian faith I might have a better clue.

But I do not. At least not all of the time.

So I humbly offer to you today an example of such unknowing – a poem written for no particular reason.

The time spent writing could certainly have been used in more productive ways. It is far from a great masterpiece of a poem. Why did I write it?

Am I to learn something of my soul’s struggle as I work through the endless word and sound combinations?

Or did God simply want me seated at my computer last night so that a hot and weary stranger could see me with my door open and ask for a glass of water?

Perhaps I will never know.

But here is the poem…


if her soul

to virtue

holds not tight

when all seems

calm and well.

seized and stolen –

fear the darkest night!


sate on

trifling pleasures

played and won,

forever to excite.

endless now

dismissing then –

 life’s pure meaning

lost from sight.


gay be


known to rescue,

show us your great might.

else doomed be all

the free and mortal –

in heaven’s hope

the final fight.


save your


hearts forlorn –

in darkness is the bright.

night be conquered,

come and taste –  

consume His joy!

 holy His great light.


(This poem includes a little puzzle of sorts. Did you notice? Strange the things I do…Not a total waste…at least a thirsty pilgrim received a glass of water.)

Where to post…

Greetings, kind reader.

Once again, I stay up too late, typing away when I ought be sleeping. 🙂

I know some of you may follow the “Here to Pray” book discussion blog – but some may not or may have set aside the book for now. However, I broke from my usual format over at that blog this evening and wrote a little essay that sort of “felt” like it belonged here. What to do, what to do…

Not wanting to publish the same article twice, I decided I would put in a link here for any who might want to read it. The topic has to do with freeing our souls, understanding our relationship to “the world” and, most importantly, submission of ourselves to God. I think the post will make sense even if you haven’t read the book.

Click here if you wish to check it out. (Good night!)