About me


Cleveland, Ohio

I am a Catholic Christian whose faith has been enriched by Orthodoxy. I celebrate God’s love in His people in my work as a psychologist, and His beauty in nature, art and music in my play. To Him be glory in all things.


(Below are links to my current blog, my professional website and my previous blog for those who might like to learn more about me.)




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5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Jeff Zablow

    Thank you for visiting my wingedbeauty.com post of Pink orchids in the Upper Galilee. How did you get there? Your share of Tiger swallowtails was very personal, my own experience was with a Mourning cloak butterfly . . . .

  2. mary Post author

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I don’t remember exactly how I found yours – maybe I just started looking for butterfly-related blogs on WordPress, liked yours and then “followed”. I have a little photographic blog in addition to this one called oholyearth.com. I’m not nearly the photographer that you are – I wouldn’t dare shoot with film! If you have some extra butterfly-time, I’d love to know if you can ID the butterfly on one of my posts there (I haven’t been able). https://oholyearth.com/2016/06/20/hermitage-15/
    Sounds like you’ve traveled to some fascinating places. May our paths cross again!

  3. mary Post author

    It is amazing how easy it is to forget – to walk around with my eyes closed. Thank you for reminding me to open them again.

  4. Jeff Zablow

    Although a bit late, but I just notices your image of a butterfly, and your desire to ID it. I believe that she is a Pearl Crescent butterfly, a bit bothered by time and having fled predators, but she remains awing, and strong.

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