a gift received (painting + poem)


it always begins as something small –

a pair of seeds losing themselves in zygote,

pursuing refuge in uterine darkness;

a tiny spark of light amidst collapsing stardust,

nebulous particles deep in cold black space;

or perhaps just a wish, a dream, a quiet moment,

glowing beneath the surface of life’s chatter.


i do not know who or what it is –

or how it will come to birth.

i simply know what is.


at first, all i see is that tiny spot of brightness

suspended in abyss, void of shadow or form.

frightened and fearless in its uncertainty,

it waits, it struggles, it pushes forward and draws back,

listening for the gentle whisper of wings,

the hovering from above that will define it.

hearing the Word, the birth begins.


listening, i hear.

watching, i behold.

not knowing what is before me.


like a spark one blows upon, i see the fire blaze,

an unfurling frenzy of light and life

splashing itself over the naked canvas

yet never quenching its undying thirst for more.

worlds are born and thrown into orbit –

spinning and singing, dancing and laughing,

an explosion of brilliant joy.


blinded by the light,

humbled before Him,

i worship.



(Dear Reader: the first image was the very beginning of a painting; the second, its completion. As a photo reference, I used the image of a galaxy received by the Hubble telescope.)

8 thoughts on “a gift received (painting + poem)

  1. mary Post author

    Thank you, Al.
    ” an explosion of brilliant joy” … thankful indeed. More than I could ever think to ask for.

  2. tohellwithimpossible

    Oh Mary, that is an awesomely beautiful expression of you! I’ve been thinking about galaxies and stars, too – Do you know that at the center of many is a black hole – a void. It has me pondering the significance….

  3. mary Post author

    Thanks, Ros. So nice to “see” you here. Let me know if you come to understand the black holes – I know so little about astronomy.
    Hope all is well with you and family.

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