The Fire of His Love


O come, Holy Fire

all-consuming Love!

Burn Thou within me

till my weary heart

can hold Thee in

  no more.


Purify me for I am

but dross before Thee,

Thy radiance blazing forth

from my empty darkness.


Glory – O Glory

to Thee,

O hidden Love,

Whose mother Ark

carries Thee

in Thy smallness!


Set the earth on fire –

set my heart on fire –

with Thy holy light

in this holy night,

make us all anew!



(My Christmas card this year…wishing all of you the blessings of God-with-us, all consuming Fire of Love. If you would like a hard copy of my card, e-mail me your address and I would be glad to send you one after I have returned from my travels.)

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