A question for my readers

Greetings, dear readers,

May I ask your help? I have recently revived my blog O Holy Earth, and have discovered that no one is following it! Yup, 13 consecutive posts without a single page view!

O Holy Earth was initiated as more of photographic blog – which I had intended to be less specifically spiritual in focus so that those less inclined to religious discussion could still appreciate the earth’s beauty without feeling proselytized.

However, I found that the spiritual came oozing out of my pores when I commented on the images, despite my intent. And, admittedly, I have done little to promote the blog outside of my usual blogging circles.

So, I would like to hear from you, kind reader. If I have photographic reflections, would you have me post them here, even if they are more on the light side? Or would you prefer I simply stick to writing, with only the occasional image that illustrates?  (O Holy Earth can always remain my private photographic journal.)

I am not asking for the sake of my ego (I know that monster must be stamped out) – but rather so that I use my time well and share what God has given me most appropriately. Too many blogs may be, well…too many blogs. Also, I know there are many online resources for beautiful photo images and mine are quite simple by comparison.

So I would truly appreciate your feedback, with a comment here or an e-mail at marykbenton(at)outlook(dot)com. Thank you so much.

(Note that I initially entered the wrong e-mail – outlook is the correct address.)

2 thoughts on “A question for my readers

  1. JP


    I love looking at you photos and your thoughts around them. When you posted you question I realized that I seldom visit you web pages. That’s true for all of your blogs. I simply read the email content instead of linking to the blog unless I want to leave a comment. Please know I also save all of the emails for future reference. My own preferences is the separate blogs because I now where to look when I feel like looking for natural beauty or when I’m seeking words of wisdom or comfort instead.


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