The ABC’s of Salvation

The following poem is in abecedarian form, with an added challenge. Generally, in this form, each line (or stanza) starts with the next letter of the alphabet until the entire alphabet has been used, from beginning to end, in order. The added twist here is that I made every word in each line begin with the given letter. My only “cheating” was to use one Greek word and one Hebrew word. I have provided a recording of the poem as well as the print version, so that you can hear all of the beautiful alliteration this created.


anguish, agony, as adversary afflicts

before battle begins –

cowards cower, churchmen chide, children chant.

deep dark death damning Deity’s dawn.

even everlasting evokes ego, evil

finding fools fancying fawning faith for

gods, grinning, grasping, glorifying greed, glamour

hell’s hero howling hate; heaven’s heart

incarnate, illumined, infinitely immersed in

joy – Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

knocking, knowing, kneeling,

lifting Love, laughing Light lives.

maiden mother Mary,

numinous nurturer needed near,

overflowing offerer of obedience,

proclaiming praise, purity prevails.

queen quieting questions, quelling quarrels.

rest, receive, rejoice – redeemed

souls singing sacred songs, see saving Son.

transformed, transfigured, theosis-touched

utter union unfolding

vision vast, virginal, vowed.

wondrous works worship


yearning, yielding, yes.



2 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Salvation

  1. albert

    This is so nice! Clever and creative, no forced phrasing, every line a delightful surprise, unfolding a thought, developing a theme, ending so well with the two scriptural puzzle-words, one familiar and the other a mystery, its following dots luring us, leading us into endless white space: faith.

  2. mary Post author

    Thanks, Al.

    God wouldn’t let me not write it – a late night or two, but it was good for my soul. 🙂

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