Out of poems…

A little something as we leave 2015 and enter 2016. Many blessings to you, dear readers!



the year is dwindling.

i look within

and find that i am

out of poems.

no rhythm or rhyme

left behind,

just words and letters

scattered here and there

on a page of leftover


and therein lies

my only hope:

life –

that indefinable

growing that will not

let me stop

until there is

something new,

awake and breathing

in my soul.

I cannot let go

of the germination

hidden in these

final dark moments –

for even as the end

counts itself down



bright and shining and holy

bursts forth –

holier than any

moment that has

ever been before.

it is entirely new.

 it is joy.

all that i have to give –

my gift to you.

amen. amen.


2 thoughts on “Out of poems…

  1. albert

    Amen. Thank you for this, Mary. The New Year is already new for me, and holy, like all the new moments from now on–not entirely your doing, of course, nor mine by my efforts, but God’s.

    Blessings and prayers,

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