The free gift

Today has been a sick day for me, one in which I have not been able to do much at all. That is all right, of course. Some days we are called to do nothing but accept.

But in between my episodes of healing slumber, I tried to pray a bit and remember my Beloved who is with me always. I do not do so well at this, I’m afraid, when discomforts dull my senses. I struggle not to complain.

This evening, I read the Scripture of the day (Roman calendar) from my much loved and well-worn Collins Weekday Missal. The first reading, from the 5th chapter of St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, was there to greet me.

Often I have found Romans a bit difficult to sift through. But tonight, whether it be God’s grace or the translation, the words sang a new song to me. I heard, as though for the first time, Paul telling the people of the “abundant free gift” which, though undeserved by us, makes us righteous, no matter how much sin is committed.

No matter how much sin. The whole world’s sin. The grace is always greater.

Yes, of course, this is our faith in Christ Jesus our Lord. But I wanted to share it with you. The Good News feels even better when shared.

You may listen, if you wish, to the recording I made for you. (Romans 5:12. 15. 17-21)


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