Hymn to Our Savior

This is one of those occasions when the Orthodox and Roman calendars diverge. Hence, I understand if my Orthodox readers prefer to defer on this post until next week.

To all readers: note that I know nothing about composing music. I have recorded the “music” that came to me with these words inspired by Christ’s death and Resurrection. I’m afraid you will also have to sing them yourself as singing is not one of my gifts. 🙂


The Lord is risen from the tomb,

Out of darkness shines His light.

In Him comes forth our salvation,

Born from His humility.


For He died a shameful death,

Hung upon a criminal’s tree.

Then He went to hell to find us,

Crushing sin and death with love.


All our hope lies in this mys’try.

Life eternal now is ours

This love that He has died to give us,

Now pours freely from our hearts.


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