The Good News

I sit in my motel room, late at night, having completed the day our culture calls “Christmas”. Of course, I should be sleeping.

But something tugs inside of me, longing to express the Truth that keeps revealing itself in the One who is simultaneously with us and sought by us, the One for whom we waited but was already here from the beginning…

The Word, the true Light, that enlightens everyone, that darkness will never overcome… The God that no one has ever seen, now revealed, grace upon grace, of whose fullness we have all received…

There is nothing of mine sufficient to express such a Truth. Of course there could not be – how could I imagine it otherwise?

And so I will sleep, leaving you with a wondrous image I was permitted to glimpse some two years ago, along with the words of John, a man who knew the Word intimately and testified to the Light…



2 thoughts on “The Good News

  1. albert

    I copied the vision and have it as wallpaper on my tablet so now I can pray almost always. Almost. It helps, because–as you wrote previously–l forget.

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